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Bradley C. Riemann, PhD

Dr. Riemann is the chief clinical officer and clinical director, OCD Center and CBT Services at Rogers Memorial Hospital. Dr. Riemann is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, and…

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Nader Amir, PhD

Dr. Amir’s primary research interest is experimental psychopathology with an emphasis on anxiety disorders. Specifically, he is interested in studying information-processing biases that may lead to the maintenance, and possibly…

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Research Team

Brenda Bailey, PhD, Research Associate

Brenda Bailey, PhD, is the research associate on the Cognitive Bias Modification study team working with patients in the residential OCD program. She also provides treatment to patients in FOCUS.…

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Brian Kay, Director of Quality and Clinical Effectiveness

Brian Kay is the director of quality and clinical effectiveness for Rogers Memorial Hospital. As part of that role, he is supervising the Cognitive Bias Modification research team, managing the…

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Dawn Murrell, Research Coordinator

Dawn Murrell is the clinical research coordinator for the community-based Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) studies. She has extensive experience in clinical research. For nine years prior to joining the study…

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Emily Topp, Research Assistant

Emily is a research assistant with the Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) team at the OCD Center and the FOCUS Program. Emily is the main point of contact with all the participants…

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Greg Berlin, Research Assistant

Greg is a research associate with the Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) team at the OCD Center and the FOCUS Program. Greg conducts screening assessments for individuals with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and…

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Jill Riemann, Coordinator

Jill Riemann brings a unique perspective to the Cognitive Bias Modification research team, which she joined in May 2016. As one of the project coordinators, she is the only member…

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Megan Sinclair, Research Assistant

Megan Sinclair is the research assistant for the residential Cognitive Bias Modification research study. In her role, she will pre-screen Rogers patients to learn if they are suitable candidates for…

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Stephan Siwiec, Research Associate

Stephan Siwiec joined the cognitive bias modification (CBM) research team in 2016 as a research associate at the Brown Deer location. His role is to meet and interview potential study…

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Tim Grinwald, Research Assistant

Tim joined Rogers Memorial Hospital in 2008, working first as a residential counselor providing direct care to patients in residential treatment facilities, and then as a behavioral specialist, developing and…

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