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Megan 2Megan Sinclair is the research assistant for the residential Cognitive Bias Modification research study. In her role, she will pre-screen Rogers patients to learn if they are suitable candidates for the study and then train, coordinate and administer the daily treatment sessions.

Originally from southeastern Wisconsin, Megan is a recent graduate of Fordham University in New York, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. For four years, during her undergraduate studies, Megan worked at the Compulsive, Obsessive and Anxiety Program (C.O.A.P.), with Dr. Dean McKay. Her work focused on OCD, anxiety and disgust disorders, and she completed an honors thesis on the topic of OCD.

“Rogers Memorial is extremely well known in the area of OCD,” explained Megan. “Coming to work with the research team gives me an invaluable opportunity to work in a residential setting, which I have never done; utilizes my lab experience; and gives me the chance to help people in my community while working alongside talented researchers.”



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