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Brenda 2Brenda Bailey, PhD, is the research associate on the Cognitive Bias Modification study team working with patients in the residential OCD program. She also provides treatment to patients in FOCUS. She joined Rogers in August 2015 as a pre-doctoral intern in the OCD and anxiety APA-accredited internship track. Upon completion of her internship, she remained at Rogers, accepting a post-doctoral fellowship. She graduated with a PhD in clinical psychology from Northern Illinois University.

OCD is Brenda’s primary area of interest, so she chose to remain at Rogers for her post-doctorate work and enjoys the unique chance to both conduct research and treat patients. That balance, along with the opportunity – and challenge – of working with residential patients who have some of the most severe OCD symptoms, has made this a good match for her.

“Being a part of a study, from the ground up, is exciting,” said Brenda, who will be conducting in-depth interviews with research candidates and guiding their treatment by customizing the software to target specific areas of anxiety for each patient. “I am very passionate about working with people who struggle with OCD and anxiety. Part of that is also experiencing disappointment when a person continues to struggle in treatment and beyond. Helping with the development of technology to both improve and disseminate treatment is a great opportunity.

“I also like that it’s donor-funded research, which is different from grant-funded projects that typically focus on a medical model. This research is more invested in exploring treatment.”


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