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Dr. Brad Riemann

Dr. Riemann is the chief clinical officer and clinical director, OCD Center and CBT Services at Rogers Memorial Hospital. Dr. Riemann is a member of the Scientific Advisory Board, and Chair of the Clinical Advisory Committee of the International OCD Foundation. Dr. Riemann has been featured on the national television shows 48 Hours, The Today Show, The OCD Project, Anderson Live, and True Life. He has authored numerous scientific articles on OCD and anxiety and has spoken both nationally and internationally on the topic. Dr. Riemann is also a member of the faculty at the Roseland Franklin School of Medicine, Marquette University, and the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Areas of sub-specialization regarding OCD include intensive treatment models and the training of multi-disciplinary teams in exposure and ritual prevention.

In 1994, ground-breaking research by Bradley Riemann, PhD (Rogers Memorial Hospital),  Nader Amir, PhD (San Diego State University), and others helped to establish the concept of attention bias in patients with OCD and anxiety by objectively measuring the theorized construct of this bias via a computer software program. Based on their initial research Drs. Riemann and Amir developed a computer-based software program that has been proven to successfully confront the cognitive biases of OCD and anxiety and PTSD, thus reducing the clinical symptoms based on their initial research to measure the biases.


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